About ELHolmy

Eir Lindstrom-Holmy is a writer & filmmaker specializing in narrative and abstract filmmaking, poetry, essays and reviews.  For more information about Eir and examples of her writing, filmmaking and photography, visit her website, The Moving Imagist, at www.themovingimagist.weebly.com.

Eir is currently in development on her original TV series, ‘Switch’, a six-season cyber-noir charting the adventures of San Francisco dominatrix and private investigator Sam Parker.  After accepting a missing person case, Sam is drawn into a dangerous world of industrial and international espionage, investigating stealth operations in the tech world with major global ramifications.  Meanwhile Sam’s love life proves a source of constant challenge and excitement, as complications ensue from maintaining a complex identity as a bisexual, polyamorous switch, and a professional dominatrix.  Eir is hoping to have the show produced for Netflix Originals, HBO, Showtime, AMC or any other networks seeking to showcase compelling, edgy adult drama.

Eir is always open to freelance writing assignments and is currently based on Cape Cod Massachusetts, though she has spent many years living in England and talks and occasionally spells like a Brit.  You can also find her on internet movie database (click through the links to see the trailer for her latest short, Passenger X):


and LinkedIn:



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